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HTML Symbols

HTML Symbol Entities

HTML symbols like mathematical operators, arrows, technical symbols and shapes, are not present on a normal keyboard.

To add these symbols to an HTML page, you can use the HTML entity name.

If no entity name exists, you can use the entity number.

If the character does not have an entity name, you can use a decimal (or hexadecimal) reference.

If you use an HTML entity name or a hexadecimal number, the character will always display correctly.
This is independent of what character set (encoding) your page uses!


<p>I will display &euro;</p>
<p>I will display &#8364;</p>
<p>I will display &#x20AC;</p>

Will display as:

I will display €

I will display €

I will display €
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Some Mathematical Symbols Supported by HTML

Char Number Entity Description
&#8704; &forall; for all
&#8706; &part; part
&#8707; &exist; exists
&#8709; &empty; empty
&#8711; &nabla; nabla
&#8712; &isin; isin
&#8713; &notin; notin
&#8715; &ni; ni
&#8719; &prod; prod
&#8721; &sum; sum

Full Math Refrence

Some Greek Letters Supported by HTML

Char Number Entity Description
Α &#913; &Alpha; Alpha
Β &#914; &Beta; Beta
Γ &#915; &Gamma; Gamma
Δ &#916; &Delta; Delta
Ε &#917; &Epsilon; Epsilon
Ζ &#918; &Zeta; Zeta

Full Greek Reference

Some Other Entities Supported by HTML

Char Number Entity Description
© &#169; &copy; REGISTERED SIGN
® &#174; &reg; REGISTERED SIGN
&#8364; &euro; EURO SIGN
&#8482; &trade; trademark
&#8592; &larr; LEFTWARDS ARROW
&#8593; &uarr; UPWARDS ARROW
&#8594; &rarr; RIGHTWARDS ARROW
&#8595; &darr; DOWNWARDS ARROW
&#9824; &spades; BLACK SPADE SUIT
&#9827; &clubs; BLACK CLUB SUIT
&#9829; &hearts; BLACK HEART SUIT
&#9830; &diams; BLACK DIAMOND SUIT

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